Cadenza and Notemaker – what’s new, FAQ?

Congratulations! We’ve made it through the usual September and October “getting back into the groove” issues, and will soon be done with November’s “post Halloween sugar” roller coaster! Amidst all this fun, have you managed to start using Cadenza to encourage more intentional practising and clearer teacher-student communication? A few? Many? Gold stars to all!

autocompletecloseupSo what’s new for Cadenza since the summer? You’ll find that the auto-complete feature is now fully functional and your typing requirements should be significantly reduced!

I’m embarrassed to say, I’m only just getting back into the Cadenza groove after a 3-month life derailment.  Like every dark cloud and its silver lining, the upside is that I’m once again able to see Cadenza from a newer-user perspective and I’ve discovered wonderful, helpful, frustration-eliminating resources: there are FAQ’s and video tutorials for Cadenza and Notemaker!

If you haven’t already found them, here are the links:

Cadenza FAQ’s:

Helpful videos:

Notemaker FAQ’s:

A few of my most noteworthy FAQ revelations are…


what's newCadenza says there is no student account for the email I entered. What do I do?”

Verify that your student has created a Cadenza account AND provided the correct email address. It is easy to make mistakes with addresses! Try re-entering the address. If the problem persists, contact the Cadenza administrator (”

“It’s time for my student’s lesson. How do I quickly get an overview of her practice sessions?”

From your List of Students page, click on the List of Lessons for that student. You will see a list of the lessons by date with a small down icon. Click on the icon to see all the assigned tasks as well as how many task targets were reached, how much time was spent on practice, and if the student wrote a reflection. To get more detailed information, click “Go” and you will be taken directly to that lesson plan.”

One of my students has stopped taking lessons. How do I disconnect from her account?”

Click on the top-right corner for the Disconnect Student link. Click on it and follow the instructions. When you disconnect from a student, you no longer can view or comment on her previous lesson plans. However, the student will still be able to view, but not change, previous lesson plans.”


“I’m a Cadenza user. notemakerfaqssmall Can I share recordings between Notemaker and Cadenza?”

If you are a Cadenza student user and you create a recording in Notemaker, you can then upload it to your Cadenza practice log. However, you cannot create a recording in Cadenza and then share it or upload it to Notemaker.

What are your most helpful revelations or biggest sticky points using Cadenza or Notemaker?  The tools can only get better with your input!