Coding, coding, coding!

codingSometimes coding data seems like an endless job. But we’re making progress! In the past two years, we’ve collected data from almost 20,000 students, teachers, and parents. And we’re still trying to make sense of it!

Learning to sing or to play an instrument is a long and complex process. Interestingly, sometimes the analysis moves forward when we pull out the traditional pen and paper methods, and put the technology away. Most of the time, though, it takes both. Pictured here are doctoral candidates Karen Boese (Queen’s) and Wynnpaul Varela (Concordia), in the midst of a multi-day coding bonanza! We also hosted Nathalie De Grâce (Sherbrooke CEGEP) for more coding later in the week, and our newest PhD student Rosie Kerr (Queen’s) also joined the fray.