I’ve lost my iSCORE password, and I don’t see a way to recover it. What do I do?

We’ve moved iSCORE to a new environment in 2017, and in that move, the automated password recovery was lost. But no worries! If you’ve lost your password, simply write to us at info@musictoolsuite.ca and we’ll send it to you. Or, if you’d like to change your password, we can do that for you as well.

I’ve just learned about iSCORE. How do I open my own account?

Write to us at info@musictoolsuite.ca and we’ll open the account for you! We’ll need to know if you are a student or a teacher, and if you belong to a particular class or studio. With that information, we can create a user name (of your choice) and a password (of your choice) . Then when you have your sign in details, you can access iSCORE at iscoremusictool.ca.