OrchPlay Music Library

We’ve just learned about an amazing digital tool to support orchestration and composition called OrchPlay Music Library. Now while the audience for this tool is a bit older than the tools that have been created in The Music Tool Suite, we think it’s a tool well worth sharing. Even younger students will enjoy learning about various orchestral works contained in the library.

orchplayAnd it is great fun to listen to these works and see what parts of the orchestra make up the performing forces. The mixer tool allows users to turn on and turn off various sections of the orchestra, allowing for the kinds of careful listening and analysis that students are expected to undertake in advanced studies.

orchplayorchplayOur Principal Investigator, Rena Upitis, was treated to a demonstration of OrchPlay by Denys Bouliane, General Director for OrchPlay Music. Many of you will know Denys Bouliane as a composer and conductor – and now, add to that, a creator of exciting digital tools! Although there’s nothing like a live demonstration, you can learn more about OrchPlay by watching the video on the OrchPlay website.