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 Cadenza is an electronic notebook for one-on-one lessons. Watch the video to see how it works.

Once you’ve signed in with Google, you’ll be asked to …

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Students use Cadenza to …

  • Track and time practice sessions
  • Set and manage goals
  • Share recordings
  • Reflect on  learning
  • Earn badges when targets are met

Teachers use Cadenza to …

  • Create practice plans for students during the lesson
  • Review each student’s progress between lessons
  • Streamline record keeping
  • Comment on student recordings
  • Answer questions during the week

Cadenza only works when students are linked with a teacher.

The teacher needs to invite students, using the student’s gmail address, and by accessing the “add students” icon in Cadenza. Once the student accepts—through his or her Cadenza account—you’re ready to go!

Students must accept the teacher’s invitation; this is to protect the student’s privacy.

Learn more:

Cadenza replayWe recently took part in a Cadenza webinar hosted by our new partners, The Curious Piano Teachers. The webinar took place at 7pm GMT (yes, they’re in the UK!), and the 400 participants joined us morning, noon, and night in their own time zones – from Winnipeg to Oxford to Abu Dhabi! Read on for access to the replay…

Webinar Replay Video

Click HERE to watch the webinar replay… (it’s an hour long, so grab a coffee before you start!).

Links to Cadenza videos

Click HERE to watch the video: About Cadenza
Click HERE to watch the video: How to Create a Teacher’s Account
Click HERE to watch the video: More Work for Teachers?

Links to Cadenza websites

Click HERE to create a FREE Cadenza account
Click HERE to connect with Rena and the Music Tool Suite on Facebook

Click the links below to read the 4-part series about Cadenza on The Curious Piano Teachers blog, written by Rena Upitis

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Blog #4 Cadenza: what can I expect to change when I start using this tool?

Cadenza replayClick on the image to “like” the Facebook page for The Curious Piano Teachers.

Questions? Just send us an email at Or read through the Frequently Asked Questions and view more of our instructional videos.

Our iOS app, Notemaker, also uses Google accounts. So this means that you can use both Notemaker and Cadenza together to support music learning. You will need a separate google email address for each user. Click here to read our privacy policy. Both tools are currently available without charge.