DREAM stands for Digital Resource Exchange About Music. You can find it at www.dreammusictool.ca. DREAM is an online and mobile device tool that was designed to encourage teachers and students to learn about digital resources related to music education and to instrumental music lessons in particular. The tool also enables music teachers to evaluate the resources, to read about other teachers’ views of the resources, and to add resources of their own to the DREAM repository.

The resources are organized into six broad categories: (a) music repertoire, (b) ear/sight, (c) creating/composition, (d) history/theory, (e) practising, and (f) professional resources. All of the resources are searchable by title and key words, and users can also filter the resources by instrument, ability level, or platform (e.g., used on computer, tablet, or smartphone). DREAM recommends resources to users based on their prior choices. Released on September 4, 2014. Version 2.0 was released on September 5, 2015.