iSCORE is a web-based practice and communication tool. It is designed to help motivate students to take responsibility for their practising and overall music learning and music creation. iSCORE enables students to set goals, create new work, edit and share their work and respond to feedback from teachers, peers and parents. It also makes it easier for teachers to communicate with their students and help their students become independent learners. It includes a text annotation tool and links to recording and notation software.

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Summer Summit-182-2For several years, Nathalie De Grâce, a faculty member at the Sherbrooke CEGEP, has been using iSCORE with great success with her ear training students. In recognition of her astounding pedagogy, Nathalie was made an iSCORE fellow at the 2014 RCM Technology Summer Summit in Toronto.

iSCORE was created over several years, building on the work of the CSLP in developing ePEARL, a related tool for classroom teaching. In 2011, the team secured funding from Canadian Heritage to develop iSCORE—specially designed for independent (studio) music teachers.

Version 1 was released in January 2012; Version 2 was released in August 2013. Throughout this website, you can read about the research underpinning iSCORE and the other tools in The Suite, and download professional resources. We also include samples of student work. The samples include ways that students use iSCORE to learn new repertoire, for improvisation and composition, and for communicating with teachers, parents, and peers.