Notemaker is an extremely effective iOS app for making real-time comments on video and audio recordings. It is the only app that allows you to create a dialogue with multiple users directly on your work. Record your musical performances, practice sessions, jam sessions with friends, or any other creative act directly on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Then you can share your work for feedback or save it as part of your portfolio.

Find it as Notemaker-Cadenza at the Apple Store. Notemaker-Cadenza is currently available without charge.

Learn more about Notemaker by reading through the Frequently Asked Questions and by viewing our instructional videos.

Teacher testimonials…

Notemaker has allowed me to communicate with my students between piano lessons. I give them feedback on their progress and they arrive at their lesson more fully prepared! Jodie Compeau, Kingston music teacher

Notemaker creates new ways to help my students make connections between their playing and the details of sound production. Joseph Ferretti, Wilfrid Laurier University

I love that my students can “hear” exactly the point when they need to make a change, and by listening closely, they can make adjustments to their playing on their own. Julia Fountain, Ajax music teacher

Notemaker allows my students to develop their self-assessment skills.Nathalie De Grâce, Sherbrooke, Québec