2014 Music Survey CoverThis page archives the surveys used in our work from 2013 through to 2016. Please refer to the FAQ for common questions regarding the surveys.

The first set of surveys were distributed nationally to students, parents, and teachers, beginning in 2013. These surveys were available both electronically and in paper form. Click on the links below to download copies of the Canadian survey, in both English and French.

Two years later, we launched an international survey involving participants in English speaking countries with music lessons based on a conservatory system and the study of the classical Western canon.  Once again, students, parents, and teachers were invited to take part  These surveys were only available electronically, and only in the English language. Links to pdf versions of the surveys, containing the full set of questions, appear below.

Surveys: Study 1

National Student Survey (2013–2014)

This survey was developed for Canadians who take music lessons. We were interested in how long the students had been playing, the ways that they practised, and how they shared music with family and friends.

Student Survey (English form)

Student Survey (en français)


National Parent Survey (2013–2014)

The purpose of this questionnaire was to survey parents who have children taking music lessons outside of school. We were interested in what motivates their children to practise, the kinds of musical activities that they and their children value, and how they support the learning process.

Parent Survey (English form) 

Parent Survey (en français)


National Teacher Survey (2013–2014)

This questionnaire has been specifically designed for independent music teachers. The questions we ask are about their music pedagogy, their use of technology, and their professional development activities.

Teacher Survey (English form)

Teacher Survey (en français)

Surveys: Study 2

International Student Survey (2015–2016)

Similar questions were asked of students in the second study, with extra emphasis on what motivates students to practise and how their formal studies relate to other types of music-making.

International Student Survey

International Parent Survey (2015–2016)

Once again, parents were asked about their role in supporting children’s practising habits, students out of school activities, and the role of the teachers in the student’s musical progress. An open-ended question about how to improve music lessons was also included.

International Parent Survey

International Teacher Survey (2015–2016)

Teachers were invited to share information about their teaching studio characteristics, their professional developement practices, and their teaching strategies and philosophies.

International Teacher Survey